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How do I move multiple image and javascript files from modplsql/dads that used multiple Alias /epmim

Orcl since Version 1Jul 3 2015 — edited Jul 9 2015

I have several Apex 4.2.5 applications that were front ended by modplsql.  In the dads.conf file there were multiple Alias statements used (/i/ , /epmimages/, /buttons/, /pbimages/, /ux/ ) each with their own respective directory paths.  I am moving them to new servers front ended by Oracle Rest Data Services.  I have moved the /i/ (apex) images using the "static" command with java -jar ods.war ... and those images are being served properly.  I don't know how to configure ords to have the equivalent structure for the other modplsql "Alias"  resources.  I am testing in standalone mode, but will move it to glassfish for production.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Added on Jul 3 2015