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How do i insert a new row after enter is pressed again and again?

ChristianM0147Dec 14 2023 — edited Dec 14 2023

Hello fellow Developers,

Im currently using JDeveloper Version

My Case: I need to write a value in a certain column of a table → press enter → create a new line → get into the new line in the same column and continue with the next value until i got no more values.

Therefore i tried to put an clientListener on my inputText (column) that calls this java script:

 if (event.getKeyCode() == AdfKeyStroke.ENTER_KEY) {
            var component = AdfPage.PAGE.findComponentByAbsoluteId("pt1:b13");
            var actionEvent = new AdfActionEvent(component);

The called component is a CreateInsert Button of the table.

The Code works as intended for the FIRST time only, the function is not called after enter is pressed in the new created row/same column.

Do you know how to achieve this mechanism on every new row? And i also need to set the focus on this column in the new created row.

This post has been answered by dvohra21 on Dec 15 2023
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Added on Dec 14 2023