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How do I connect by proxy using Visual Studio 2019 and ODT

user10594416Apr 29 2021 — edited Apr 29 2021

So I have to connect by proxy with my personal account to various functional schemas. This is easy in sqlplus with syntax like
sqlplus myuser[funcschema]/mypwd@tnsalias

Whilst in ODT there are proxy user and proxy password fields in the Advanced Settings for a connection, I've found no combination that works so far. I only have the single password (for my account), but the form requires that the "Password" field is populated. However, if that is completed, and the "Proxy Password" left blank I get an "ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied" error. If I use my password for BOTH, I get "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied". So am confused as how this can work. I can connect by proxy without issue in SQL*Plus and SQL*Developer.

I think the issue is that it will not allow you to leave the password field as empty - you cannot save a connection like that, but believe that should be the case in this scenario. In VS Code, there is a similar tool that allows that kind of config, and it works fine.

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Added on Apr 29 2021