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How consume data replicated through Goldengate in parallel mode ?

user11934310Oct 22 2021

Today we use Goldengate in coordinated mode to replicate data on our data hub.
Our consumers programs read data from low CSN to max CSN.
Consumers programs use the Goldengate checkpoint table to obtain the CSN used to define the max CSN until where the data are usable.
For that we get CSN from LOG_CMPLT_CSN column.
Now we want use the last Goldengate version in parallel mode.
To consume data like coordinated mode, we want to use the lwm_csn column to get the max window until where the data are usable.
The questions are:
Is it the good column to do that ?
If yes, Is the CSN of the consumed transactions less than or equal to the CSN value of the lwm_csn column?

Checkpoint table generated by Goldengate in parallel mode:
create table CHECKPOINT
applier_id NUMBER(2) not null,
lwm_csn VARCHAR2(128 BYTE),
seqno NUMBER(10),
rba NUMBER(19),
log_bsn VARCHAR2(128 BYTE),
trail_name VARCHAR2(250 BYTE),
trail_id NUMBER not null,
key NUMBER not null,
version NUMBER,
transaction_table_0_id VARCHAR2(10 BYTE),
transaction_table_1_id VARCHAR2(10 BYTE)
Thanks a lots for your answers.

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Added on Oct 22 2021