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How check if user is subscribed to get notifications on the current device?

Eslam_ElbyalyMay 18 2024


I've a PWA build with APEX 23.2.

There're two drawer pages that are built by default when you create a PWA and enable notifications. First one 20000 is to see if you're subscribed or not. When click the list in it, it takes you to another page 20010 where you can tick/untick a checkbox to enable/disable push notifications.

I want get rid of the first page and go directly to the second one when user logs in. But I need to open it only if user is not subscribed to notifications yet.

I found only one API HAS_PUSH_SUBSCRIPTION that can do a similar thing, but it…

returns whether a user has at least one device subscribed to push notifications.

But what I want is to find if the device user is using right now was subscribed to get notifications or not.

Is there another API that can do that?

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Added on May 18 2024
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