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How can one reuse in an encapsulated scenario, the value of a variable passed in from the starscen c

3551278Aug 24 2018 — edited Sep 7 2018


In ODI 12c, I am launching scenario 1 with the starscen command.

In this command I am passing the value "xyz" for the text variable A.

The variable A is declared in the beginning of my scenario.

During scenario 1, another text variable B is set to "abcd"

Then scenario 2 is called in which the last text variable C is refreshed, appending B and C.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work, as the variable A value is not historized when passed from the starscen command, as I found there :

"An ODI Variable passed in from startscen may be Historized or not.

The startscen will correctly set it.

An ODI Variable passed in from startscen must be declared in the Package.


   - The passed-in value will not be recorded in the historical list of values

   - Values set by default will not be recorded in the historical list of values."

Therefore, when variable C is refreshing, it is appending BLANK and "abcd", raising an error.

The whole process works well when i set variable A manually.

The value is then historized, and can be recovered in scenario 2.

It doesn't work when I'm passing the value through the command startscen.

The value is picked up correctly in SCEN1, but can't be used SCEN2.

Is there a way to store the value of A, and use it in the encapsulated scenario ?

Thank you.


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