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How can I recover a past "oradata" directory contents?

jfmorinMar 14 2009 — edited Mar 16 2009
Yesterday, I accidentally dropped a schema from an Oracle Express instance. I retrieved the whole oradata directory contents from a backup made last Wednesday.

I tried virtually everything to my knowledge to recover the lost schema from those files: replacing the whole oradata contents or just the system tablespace file (Oracle won't start properly), RECOVER and RESTORE commands within RMAN (it won't work either). Also, the Flashback option is not active, so I can't rely on it.

Is there a way I can rollback the schema to its Wednesday state? If so, how should I proceed?

If I can only rollback the whole database to its Wednesday state, it is OK as well since I have recent up-to-date (.dmp) files of the other schemas.

I have read about backup and recovery in the Oracle documentation, but maybe there is something I don't get... What I am trying to do is "retrieve/restore a schema (or tablespace or database) from another location to the current +oradata+ location." Maybe it's not the right way to proceed, but I am still a bit naive about the mysteries of backup and recovery in Oracle...

Can someone please tell me what to do?

Thanks in advance...

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