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How can i Query for a Po Number from my Form, into a Interactive Grid.

Gokul S MenonFeb 22 2024

Hi there ,

Here is a scenario..

I have created a custom form in Apex for PO header and lines. Here is the page .

And i have a Landing page which shows all the Po details.

When i click on any Po number , it navigates to the Po page and Show the Order details , the query part works fine .

The issue is in my table is storing the ID's corresponding the the field value (if the field is for item name it stores item id , if it is category it is storing category id ) .. so when im querying for a Purchase order details . it fetches the Id from the tableā€¦

My Requirement is to fetch the Value assoisiated with the ID stored in the table.(Custom Table).

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Added on Feb 22 2024