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How can I put an html link on page 101 to a public page in my app?

RichDWOct 8 2018 — edited Oct 12 2018

Apex 5.14

I want to put a link (html or a button) on my login page 101 that directs the Unauthenticated User to another public page within my application?

I am using Apex Authentication and Apex application users.

Use case is a link to reset a password, where the (public) reset password pages are a part of the same application as the login page.

Currently, the login page just gets re-displayed when selecting the link or button.

Button - redirect to url (full https url of application and page...

or when set as redirect to page in this application

What am I not setting correctly or do I have to set the password change pages in a different application... how can I get this to work?


This post has been answered by fac586 on Oct 11 2018
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Added on Oct 8 2018