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How can I launch a bounded task flow from a oim custom link on the login page?

3400393Mar 16 2017 — edited Mar 17 2017

I want to launch a custom task flow from a "custom forgot Password" link I added on the login page.

Here the steps I did:

1. Create a Fusion Web application from Jdeveloper

2. Create a new Adf taskflow.

3. Drag and drop a view activity and name it and double click it to add page contents. This will be the default activity.

4. Create your bean classes and define those in the task flow definition (My beans are in pageflow scope and view scope).

5. Define a class which extends BaseMB class and overrides actionListener method.

6. Declare this class in adfc-config.xml with backing bean scope.

7. Create a jspx page (container.jspx) and drag and drop the taskflow as region within the page

8. Generate page definitions for all the pages by right clicking and clicking on go to page definitions.

9. Give anonymous role with view permissions to all the pages and the task flow definition (From application->secure->resource grant).

10. Generate adf lib jar and deploy.

11. Add the link on the login page and add the property actionListener="#{backingBeanScope.myActionBean.actionListener}" to the custom link.

I can see from the logs the binding is working, but I cannot launch the custom task flow. If I use BaseMB launchTaskFlow method I have a Nullpointer:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at oracle.iam.ui.platform.utils.TaskFlowUtils.raiseContextualEvent( at oracle.iam.ui.platform.view.backing.BaseMB.launchTaskFlow(

If I use FaceUtils launchTaskFlow I've got a "Incorrect Binding" exception.

Any Idea?

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