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How Can I Get A Downstream OGG Extract To Recognize Altered Source Table?

user10211101Sep 23 2022

Hi All,
We are running OGG 12.3 downstream mining for Oracle source databases. One of our downstream extract processes an entire schema using the TABLE parameter:
TABLE schema_name_.*;_
We had a table in the source schema with an identity column and as we expected, the extract give us the message
WARNING OGG-01896 Table schema_name.table_name has an identity column which is not supported. This table will be ignored by Extract.
This was OK for us at the time because there was no business need to replicate this table.
Recently, our business users requested that the data from this table with the identity column be replicated. We proceeded to alter the source table, modifying the identity column to drop identity.
alter table schema_name.table_name modify column_name drop identity
Now we are trying to figure out how to make our GG extract recognize the newly altered table rather than continuing to reject it for replication due to the identity column which no longer exists. We have stopped and started our extract, deleted and re-added trandata for the source table but the extract continues to give us the OGG-01896 for this source table after it has been altered to drop the identity property.
Our work around is to create a new extract for this one table which would be fine except we need to update and re-publish all our procedures and documentation to include the new extract (and replicat I suppose).
There must be something we are missing. Is this the only way to replicate a table that once had an identity column before it was altered? Anyone with any ideas?
Thank you very much in advance, Mike

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Added on Sep 23 2022