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How can I decouple the pagination for a global region?

Howard (... in Training)Aug 30 2013 — edited Sep 2 2013

I was having a delightful time using a common region defined on a global page when I determined that pagination setting was begin carried from one page to the next.  Arghhhh!  So for example, if I have paged to the second set (page) of rows (11-20) on Page 1 and then I go to Page 2, the second set (page) of rows (11-20) is displayed there.   If I go to a page which only has a first set of rows (1-10), I get the pagination error "Invalid set of rows requested, the source data of the report has been modified. Reset Pagination".  And when I click to reset, it just repeats the error.  [I suppose it tries to display the second set or rows (11-20) again -- which doesn't exist.  What's that saying about insanity?]  

How can I decouple the pagination for a global region? I want it to operarate just as it would if it were not sharing a common region.  So if I'm looking at rows (11-20) on page 1, I can go to any other page beginning with rows 1-10 there.  Then return to page 1 where I left off with rows 11-20 displayed.  One solution is NOT to paginate but that's not my preferred solution.


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