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How can I create a custom filter to compare two columns in an interactive grid?

carkxgFeb 2 2021 — edited Feb 2 2021

I am trying to create a custom filter on an interactive grid so that the table only shows rows where the value of column A is equal to the value of column B (COLUMN_A = COLUMN_B).
I've created a button, a dynamic action on that button, and am using the following javascript as a template which currently creates a filter on a column with a specific value:

                       { type       : "column" 
                       , columnType : "column" 
                       , columnName : "COLUMN_A" 
                       , operator   : "EQ" 
                       , value : "King" 

This successfully creates a filter for COLUMN_A = 'King'. What I want to do is change the code so that the filter is COLUMN_A = COLUMN_B. You can easily do this for interactive reports using the row filters but I don't see that this is available for interactive grids.
Any idea if this is possible?

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Added on Feb 2 2021