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How can I create a connection to TypeORM?

Greetings community,

I have a question about how to implement an Oracle Autonomous Database (Cloud) connection, I have already achieved it with the Oracle documentation with node.js, but I want to implement ORM and I found a node library that is TYPE.ORM and I do not want to use standard javascript (db.js) but use typescript (db.ts), but still and I would like to know if you have been able to implement ORM with an autonomous database:
db.ts :
image.pngormconfig.json :
So is my connection to oracle documentation with node.js (NODE-ORACLE) working correctly for me:
I would like to know how you made your connection, if you were able to employ ORM or used SQL statements, and how I can employ good practices to avoid vulnerabilities.

Thank you very much.

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Added on Nov 9 2021