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How can I change the background color of a column in an interactive grid?

user1.0Apr 6 2022

Apex ver 19.2
I have an interactive grid. Several columns are not editable. I want to set the background color for the editable columns so they stand out.
For example, if a column is editable and blank, the background color would be light blue.
If the column is editable but pre-filled, the background color would be yellow.
This way we could easily guide users to the editable fields.
I've created a css file and uploaded it to the app in the static files. If possible instead of hardcoding the color in the grid column property, I'd like to reference the css rule. This way if the boss wants a different color or shade I don't have to change every column color. I can just change the css file.

This post has been answered by Hamza Al-abbasi on Apr 7 2022
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Added on Apr 6 2022