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How can I archive a table data and restore it whenever required?

User_WZ8KADec 21 2022 — edited Jan 5 2023

I am using Oracle 12c database. My customer create some backup tables at the end of every month which will occupy some 4Gb data in the USERS tablespace. Now I need a way to archive the tables/tables data and restore whenever required. Agenda is to reclaim space in USERS tablespace so that database size won't grow. What would be the efficient method to do this?

Just a thought -
Take expdp dump of all the backup tables.
Truncate the tables which are not required (So that the metadata will be present and restoration of table from backed up dump will be easier).
Backup the table when required.
Is this above method good or bad?

Please share your thoughts.
Kind Regards:)

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Added on Dec 21 2022