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How anchor to a region using a button

Eslam_ElbyalyMar 29 2024 — edited Mar 29 2024

Hi all. I am using APEX 23. The app is a PWA.

I have a staic region that has items that users use to search for data. Data are retrieved in below Cards regions. Each card region is a child of a static region.

The problem is that the items are many. So, when user click Search button and data are retrieved, user do not know that data are retrieved because they can not see it unless they scroll down.

What I need is to scroll down to the first container of the first cards region when user clicks the Search button.

The Search button uses javaScript to refresh the regions using refresh() method.

Thanks in advance

This post has been answered by fac586 on Mar 31 2024
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Added on Mar 29 2024