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Hotspot JVM and Mission Control Availability

1007359May 6 2013 — edited May 16 2013

I've read in a lot of places how Flight Recorder is now supported in JDK 7u4 and up. Following some excellent posts on various blogs (ex:, I've been able to run a few captures. However, I've run into a number of stumbling blocks:

1) Despite all documentation I have read, I have yet to find any HotSpot release that contains any jfr recording templates. They are usually reported to be available in jre/lib/jfr but this folder is inevitably absent from all releases I've checked. Any idea why that is?

2) I have read many mentions of Mission Control 5.x (there appears to have been a few releases), but it's nowhere to be found. Mission Control 4.1 is publicly available, so I expected 5.x to be as well. Maybe it's not? Any plans to make it available?

3) Using MC 4.1, I can open the JFR report, but no stats are available aside from Thread start and end events. The output file itself being binary, I'm not sure if it's because other events are not captured (I tried a variety of templates), or because this version of MC does not recognize them. Any suggestions?


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