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host unreachable, name server delegation incorrect

User_TB9H9Jan 8 2021

My services used to work, but all of a sudden they do not.
I have standard dyndns for my
on the account level services it shows this, with my 4 nameservers in a list. there is nothing on this main page that i can change/edit/set name servers.
the only clickable link is "dyn standard dns service,active" next to my domain in "zone level services"
If i click that, it tells me that my "delegation is incorrect" and that i have to have atleast 2 required in designation.
below that is a list of the 4(same as the ones on the account level page.) No options to change anything only cancel/renew service. If i click the help link on it, the steps it gives me does not match any way whatsoever the pages that i have access to. no "domain registration button/link", no "edit nameservers"....NOTHING.

There is zero wrong with my home router or my lan setup. If i SSH with my wan ip(from anywhere), it forwards to the server i am trying to ssh with, no problem whatsoever.
On the Dyn page, the ip address matches my home wan IP, and this is currently updating with the Dyn updater running on my win 10 computer.
if i go to my hosts list ,,, etc...
they all show that they are pointing to the correct ip address(my wan), however they do not redirect the way that they are supposed to.
It is a real shame that there is no support if you're not a pro subscriber, because from my point of view, i have all bases covered, and its still not working, and they support pages are so outdated, they show the old site that had a yellow and black theme...

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Added on Jan 8 2021