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Highlight embedded links

BluShadowNov 7 2023 — edited Nov 7 2023

Could the ‘style’ of the community be changed to include some small graphic or suchlike in order to highlight where someone has embedded a link in the text. Whilst the change of color may stand out for a large piece of text, it's becoming more common for spammers to embed links on a single bit of punctuation which can make it almost impossible to spot. e.g.

(that link will only be visible to moderators/admin)

So, whilst the text appears to be relevant to the community, the spammer (or AI bot, as a lot of these read like they've been generated from the question) has embedded a link on the full stop near the end.

With an obvious graphic (perhaps a superscripted link image) next to the link it would make it easier for the moderators to spot these attempts - although we're already aware of this type of spam it's time consuming to find them.

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Added on Nov 7 2023