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Hiding Expired Resources in DM Studio

Dave SandersJan 10 2024

We have certain resources in our MRL that we have expired (this changes the revision to EXP).

Is anyone aware of a way to exclude these resources when filtering? For example, assume I have set up Project A with the following resources:

FormA.FOR           0001   0001   ProjectA
Header.FAP          0001   0003   ProjectA
FormABody.FAP       0001   EXP    ProjectA
FormABody.FAP       0002   0003   ProjectA
Footer.FAP          0001   0001   ProjectA

If I filter for "ProjectA" in DM Studio, I would not want it to include FormABody.FAP (0001 EXP) in that filter. I realize that I could just simply remove that section from the project, but I was really hoping that someone has a solution for filtering in DM Studio where the filers act as a ‘Not’ condition (show me all resources in ProjectA where REV is not EXP)



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Added on Jan 10 2024
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