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HFM taskflow runs intermittently

airwolf_86Jul 9 2019

Hello Everyone,

We have an environment on HFM (I know it's old, but the client doesn't want to upgrade to the new version yet) and the task flow job is scheduled to run every hour and it works perfectly.

Recently, we rebuilt the servers and migrated everything from the working environment to the new DEV environment. Same patch levels, everything... Apples to apples basically.

But the same task flow runs every other hour when scheduled on the new environment. Even when I execute the task flow manually, it executes successfully once, then fails the other time.

The task flow consists of two parts, first part is a normal HFM extract and where HFM extracts the file on to the default location in the server and then it gets moved to the location which we include in the task flow step. (Data file and Log File).

The second part is a batch script which triggers an ODI job.

The issue is that it fails on the first part, particularly on the file move part. It doesn't move the file to the location we specify in the task flow. The move works one time, and not the next time.

I checked the messages and it says "Error copying file to specified location. Action:%0 Error:%1".

No additional details are provided. The logs specify the same but show no additional details which might help with solving the issue.

I have reached out to Oracle via a SR but haven't heard back from them yet and I believe aren't able to find the issue themselves.


Appreciate all your comments and feedback.