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HFM Org By perion

User_HQ77CDec 5 2022

Dear all,
we are facing one issue while moving one entity from one parent to another parent for a particular period (in between the year end cycle)
As soon as we move old entity (x) under new parent (Y) balance sheet is getting out. we are simply moving this entity and

Old structure
X (Top Parent)
--->Y (Parent of A & B)
----->. B

New structure
X (Top Parent)
-->Y (Parent of A & B)
------->B (Deactivated using ownership management)
--->Z (its under X Parent and sibling of Y)
------>B (Activated under new parent Z)

Consolidation setting is as below -
Consolidate YTD : No (Periodic)
Default view : YTD
zero view setting for adj : YTD
Zero view setting for non adj :YTD

I am not sure why there would be any impact on org by period change after all new entity B is indirectly consolidating under same parent.(X)

Please advise.