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HFM Dormant/Divested Entities

Cecil GarrettMar 7 2024

HFM 11.2.13

My company has divested from some entities. I have been asked to “remove” the divested entities from the hierarchy so they do not appear when drilling down on the entity dimension.

What is the best way to do this? I can't just delete the entities because I would lose history, correct?

My first thought is that I could create a dormant rollup and put the divested entities under it. However, that wouldn't totally remove them from the hierarchy, just reduce them to one place (or 3 places since I think I'd have to have a dormant rollup for each of APAC, EMEA, and AMER to maintain history at the regional level so I/Cs eliminate the same, at least at that level).

Is there another way to remove these divested entities from the current hierarchy while still maintaining history?

I would think this happens all the time, but I haven't found anything directly related to it on searches or YouTube.

Thank you

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Added on Mar 7 2024