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HFM deployment stuck at 20%

airwolf_86Jul 11 2018 — edited Aug 17 2018


We are on HFM and since recently, whenever we proceed with an HFM deployment it gets stuck at 20%. This phenomenon occurs adhocly. Restarting the HFM services doesn't help. So we end up restarting all the relevant servers. Once a restart is done, deployments go through effortlessly without any errors and do so for multiple times. But then again, it gets stuck. This started happening since last month. Never had this issue previously.

Checked the logs and couldn't find any reference to any errors whatsoever.

The web logic timeout is set to 3600 as well as the interval to 3600.

This environment has EPMA, plannning and HFM.

The latest incident happened over the weekend where it was simply one user using the system. Therefore I think it's safe to assume that the number of users or the concurrent load isn't a cause.

Would appreciate anyone's help.


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