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HFM Cannot extract data from journals

User_6GP2DJun 19 2017 — edited Jun 22 2017

Hi All,

I'm trying to extract the data that I loaded to the journals via FDMEE. I have seen the journals that I have loaded and they were all posted, also verified via Smartview that data is there.

However, I am getting a blank file when I extract those records. I'm using the Extract > Data option and I am using the POV and options below.


This was working well on the previous HFM version that the client is currently using. We have to use the specific POV above because we are trying to compare the HFM extract to the source data for validation. I have tried both Flat File and Database extract but still no luck getting any record.

Is there a reason as to why I can't extract journal data?

HFM Version:


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