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help with ScrollPane

REDO LOGDec 18 2011 — edited Dec 18 2011
Hi all

I am about building a java desktop application that query a database and show the results

the results are stoked in a jtable, to show the results, i did the following :

//tabledb: an instance of a class that execute the query and save the results in a jtable named donnee (tabledb.donnee, donnee is a field in the class retrieving data )

JScrollPane jScrollPane2 = new JScrollPane(tabledb.donnee);
JPanel buttonPanel = new JPanel();

JFrame fr = new JFrame();

fr.getContentPane().add( buttonPanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH );




its works fine, but now I am trying to show in the frame where i have entered the query: ie i dont wont to create another jframe to show the table of results

I tried this :

jScrollPane2.add(tabledb.donnee); //jScollPane2 is declared before, actually I am working with swing framework where I can drag and drop component (jScollPane2 is draged
// and droped into the main frame

JPanel buttonPanel = new JPanel();

this.getContentPane().add( buttonPanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH );




but when i run the application i issued a query and no changes in the jScollPane2, no results

did i miss something or I have problem in my conception??

thanks in advance

regards rachid
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