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Help with Oracle Watchlist Screening: Dow Jones PEPs

Stephen ThompsonJul 10 2021

Hi - I'm hoping for some help please.
I'm trying to process a successfully downloaded Dow Jones file in OWS, such that it outputs both SANs and PEPs. I have the Filter - Settings reference data set up as in the attached file. I am also usong the attached file (renamed as .txt so it allowed me to attach on here). So far the file that is exported appears to only contain SANs when I snapshot it back in. I noticed that there is another table Filter - Primary PEP Classifications (also attached) that contains, by default, some World-Check PEP classifications. I wondered if I needed to add the equivalent Dow Jones PEP classifications? But without seeing the data yet I am not sure what they are.
Could anybody help please? The instructions in the implementation guide are rather unclear.
Many thanks, Stephen T

filter - primary PEP Classifications.xls (5.5 KB)filter - settings.xls (12 KB)watchlist-management.txt (26.71 KB)

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Added on Jul 10 2021