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HELP! "--with-oci8=D:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient11\sdk,shared"

884377Aug 24 2011 — edited Aug 24 2011
I have oracle instant client installed on C:\oracle\instantclient_11_2 and the environment variable for path set to C:\oracle\instantclient_11_2 on my windows VPS server. When I install PHP version 5.3.6 with the OCI8 extension it installs correctly. I run a php script with phpinfo(); and I see...

"--with-pdo-oci=D:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient10\sdk,shared" "--with-oci8=D:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient10\sdk,shared" "--with-oci8-11g=D:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient11\sdk,shared"

But no OCI8 extension info is listed. So that tells me it's not installed and in fact it not. I can't do any oci functions.

I don't have a D:\php-sdk\oracle\instantclient10\sdk directory on that server and I have no idea on how to change the default compiled directory. If I run the php.exe I get an error saying that it can't locate the oci.dll. How do I get this instant client path fixed?

I am at the end of my rope so who ever answers this post. THANK YOU!!!
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Added on Aug 24 2011
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