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Oracle Database Express Edition (XE)

Help with Install Window and Listener Service! Lenovo ThinkPad 15P

Philip.BorchertSep 28 2022 — edited Sep 28 2022

Lenovo_ThinkPad_small_install_screen.png2 Problems
When installing the configure database window is too small to show the buttons.
The listener Service doesn't start automatically (Tried Automatic Delayed as well)
I am running Windows 10 Workstation on a Lenovo 15P.
I have tried various display settings and DPI settings. I tried contacting Lenovo for help I've also posted on their community.
This is cross posted I am not receiving any help from the install topic.

This post has been answered by Philip.Borchert on Sep 30 2022
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Added on Sep 28 2022
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