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Help with fuzzy search (doesn't work if change order of certain 2 letters)

647225Mar 3 2010 — edited Mar 6 2010

need some help with fuzzy search. It's pretty simple - we use fuzzy search on varchar2 columns that contain first name and last_name. The problem is that i don't really understand why it can't find name in some cases.

Say i want to search for 'Taekpaul'. Then

where CONTAINS(first_name,'fuzzy(TAEKPAUL)',1) > 0 - works
where CONTAINS(first_name,'fuzzy(TAEKPALU)',1) > 0 - works (changed order of the 2 last letters)
where CONTAINS(first_name,'fuzzy(TEAKPAUL)',1) > 0 - doesn't work, finds 'Tejpaul' that is completely unrelated (changed 2nd, 3rd order)

How can i make it find 'Taekpaul' even if i search for TEAKPAUL? Is it related to index? Like Text index should be created with some different parameters?


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This post has been answered by Herald ten Dam on Mar 5 2010
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