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Help needed with business rule data copy from level 1 to level 0 of a dimension

Kiran_Jun 3 2019 — edited Jun 4 2019

Hello community,

I am new to EPBCS and currently implementing it. I am trying to create a rule/script (still unclear as to the difference between terminology) to copy data from level 1 members to level 0. Below is the script that I wrote which gives me a syntax error upon validation. My end objective is to multiply an Employee's FTE % (input by the user as a driver) by his average office hours (which is what I am trying to copy to a level 0 in order to be at the same level as the remainder of the budgeting process)

Please let me know if I should be providing additional information.

thanks in advance,


FIX (/*DIM:Account*/"Courbe Heures Normales"




,/*DIM:Service Specialty*/"No Service Specialty"

,/*DIM:Client*/"No Client"

,/*DIM:Employee*/"OFS_No Employee"

,/*DIM:Plan Element*/"OFS_Direct Input"

,/*DIM:Entity*/"OEP_no entity"




datacopy @levmbrs("Grouping",1) to @levmbrs("Grouping",0)