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Heirarchy not working for one Dimension

mb1824May 7 2018 — edited May 21 2018


I use Cloud PBCS.

I have set up my application to have cube MAIN (type BSO) where I load Trial Balance data, and cube VEHICLES (type BSO) where I load more detailed data including units sold and GP for each Salesperson.

So I have created a Dimension [Salesperson] that is only enabled for the VEHICLES cube and contains member "TOT_SP" as the parent of every salesperson. I load data for every salesperson, and "TOT_SP" is a dynamic calc to give the total of all Salespersons (see below screenshots for first salesperson only).

Oracle_Salesperson setup.JPG

Oracle_Salesperson setup 2.JPG

I have tested this in Smart View, and while the data for each Salesperson appears correctly, "TOT_SP" is showing as #MISSING.


What am I doing wrong? I have 2 other dimensions that have very similar format to [Salesperson] that work correctly.

This post has been answered by NSquare on May 8 2018
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