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Having trouble with configuring new Wallet for Forms and Reports Weblogic

user11989910Sep 21 2022

I have a Forms and Reports Weblogic server (version 12.2.1) that was installed and configured over 5 years ago. The self-signed certificate in the wallet has expired and the weblogic server ceases to work (quite suddenly). I have found ways to manually create the certificate and new wallet, but not ways to get it into the various configuration files to get weblogic to start up properly. Somewhere in the normal creation of the wallet, a password is assigned to it (although NONE is provided).
How can I revert configuration files to not needing a wallet to start up? I have no available backups from initial installation. Deleting and re-installing really isn't an option.
Or secondly, what files need to be modified for a new wallet and password for the wallet? What process is there to put the right encrypted passwords in the configuration files?
Thank you for your help.

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Added on Sep 21 2022