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Handling empty values in sql query bound to page items in oracle apex 5.1

Madona328-OracleAug 14 2018 — edited Aug 14 2018


I have a region which displays data based on the value of a 'display only' pageĀ  item( which is computed before the page is rendered).

I use sql query to populate the region data.

But, when the page item value is empty, then the query is not fetching the rows for null column values.

The sample code I use:

select * from table_name where sampe_column =:item_value

The query fetches the data when 'item_value' is not empty.

But when the 'item_value' is empty, the query returns 'no data found' eventhough 'sample_column' contains null rows.

I am using oracle apex 5.1.

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