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Handling comma while passing the parameter values from 1 page to another

Niki DilipAug 4 2022 — edited Aug 4 2022

I am facing a weird problem in APEX.
In page1, I created 2 pageitems of type textbox. Lets say P1_item_name and p1_description.I also created a submit button in Page 1. On submit i created branch to page2 and used a linkbuilder - target optionI created another page2 having 2 pageitem p2_item_name and p2_description where the data will be populated from the inputs in the page 1.
Now, when i enter a comma separated values in the page1 , in page2 only the value before comma is diplayed and value after comma is carryforwarded.
Eg: In p1_item_name i entered test,hello and p1_description as this,is,test,msg. On submit,
p2_item_name is populated as test , ideally it should be test,hello
p2_description as hello , ideally it should be this,is,test,msg
why is it not taking comma? If i use any other special character, it is working fine.
Any idea why is this happening? How to pass comma?
Thanks & Regards

This post has been answered by Adnan3114 on Aug 4 2022
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Added on Aug 4 2022