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Guide/Mentor Needed: Medication Tracking App for Vets & Seniors

2976379Jun 22 2015 — edited Jun 23 2015

Good Day!

My name is Roger Baran and I have need of a volunteer guide/mentor that feels that they would like to engage in this effort:


I am a disabled vet that has to keep track of a multitude of medications and supplements — both to make sure I take them on time, as well as to make sure that I reorder them on time.

I am just beginning to learn Java I thought that developing an application to take care of this need would be an excellent way to learn the language as well as produce something of value at the same time.

I want to do all the learning and work on the project (except where I am absolutely stumped).

What I am looking for is someone that has a lot of experience in Java (and patience) to review my project outline, tell me what I should be learning about; suggestions on approaches to the coding at each stage of the development; review my code as it is developed, etc..

I am not looking for someone to actually teach me the language, just help me to know what I need to know next by pointing me in the right direction...


In a nutshell:

Create a Java application that will allow me to input, and keep track of, all of my medications/supplements.

I have a project outline that contains what I believe to be a fairly comprehensive list of application requirements; however, my vocabulary for Java programming may not be accurate…

I envision this application as being able to help myself and the thousands of other Vet’s that are in the same situation as I am — as well as the rest of the elderly world and those that have other issues that keep them from keeping track of their medications/supplements.

If you are interested in being a guide and "showing me the way", please reply here or send an email to and I will send you a copy of the outline so that we can get this project out of the ‘pipe-dream’ stage.

Thank you very much for reading this and any assistance you may render.


Roger Baran

San Antonio, TX

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Added on Jun 22 2015