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Grant an app (made with visual builder studio) service invoker role to call OIC instance via IDCS REST API

AndreaVDec 6 2023 — edited Dec 6 2023


i have a visual builder studio app that calls an OIC integration with oauth 2 authentication type.

To make that possible, now i am granting ServiceInvoker role to the app via the IDCS Admin Console.

These are the steps:
-from the menu, select oracle cloud services

-from the list select the OIC instance to which i want the access

-go to application role tab

-click the button in the image and click assign application

-search the application by name and click ok..

Is there any way to automate this process with a pipeline in visual builder studio that calls the IDCS REST API?

Thanks in advance,


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Added on Dec 6 2023
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