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GPON modem. Wrong response to updater and also from whatsmyip

User_QRGCBApr 15 2021

I lost access to remote location, after years of normal use...
Researching on the matter, found that internet provider, switched to GPON technology,
Looking to the issue, found that client updater reports same address v4 for the modem, as page... but pinging to that address, won't get an answer. Looking at detail found that modem arris inner workings, reports as it's current ip address a different address, which in turn, responds to ping aswell... I can log into web video camera (I haven't yet being able to get video feed).
But the issue that remains is this: on gpon networks, the updating client reports wrong address?
or otherwise, on gpon newtworks I won't be able to reach mi camera?

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Added on Apr 15 2021