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GPIO Sample SDK 8.2 ME - Listener not working

HarrySattJan 7 2016 — edited Jan 7 2016


Someone out there who got the GPIO sample in SDK 8.2 ME working with the Raspberry Pi. For me only LED output works after coming around some curious pin assigments between SDK and RPi.

Now I have my program compiled and starting correct but the listener is not called if I alter the voltage level on the corresponding RPi pin.

I read

The trigger modes TRIGGER_HIGH_LEVEL, TRIGGER_LOW_LEVEL, and TRIGGER_BOTH_LEVELS are not supported on the Raspberry Pi.

But the triggers are set to by the default TRIGGER_BOTH_EDGES

1GPIO4GPIO 4controllerNumber = 0

pinNumber = 4

direction = GPIOPinConfig.DIR_INPUT_ONLY

mode = DeviceConfig.DEFAULT


initValue - ignored

Is this the reason for not reacting listeners.

Regards, harald

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