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Got The Roster On My Chat Application

8d7d6c25-07df-48c6-a7e0-19b8d27a4d7fSep 15 2016 — edited Sep 15 2016

Hello Everyone,

                              I have some query regarding get the roster. Kindly tell me the best idea to get the roster?? i have used Listview, Vbox ,TableView but i don't know which one is best ?

which one give the fast performance to get the roster? & Is scenebuilder components object is static forever in the code??.

and the most important question :

If i want to show my roster on my scene builder then it will happen after i put some handler, I want to when click my button who call my next scene all the roster comes on next scene automatically.

Kindly give all the responses regarding above mention questions ASAP.

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