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Goldengate - OGG-00446 - SQL Server to Oracle replication

andreitc-OracleApr 19 2022 — edited Apr 19 2022

So I am trying to perform a replication between an MSSQL and Oracle using GG 19.1.
I followed this tutorial:
I did everything as in the tutorial, and I am getting a strange error on the target machine: " ERROR OGG-00446 The database connection must be to the root level database for user GG_ADMIN"
So basically, on target I have a CDB (TESTCDB) with a PDB (ORCLPDB_REP). In gg I also have an useridalias that is pointing to this PDB:
Alias: orclpdb_rep_ggadmin
I connected to the pdb via dblogin useridalias orclpdb_rep_ggadmin, and I added the replicat process using this user (GG_ADMIN@ORCLDPB_REP).
Now this user (GG_ADMIN) is present on ORCLPDB_REP and it has access to the table where i'm trying to insert the data from replication. (he also has unlimited tablespace, dba, sysdba everything).
And the problem is that I don't know why I'm getting this error OGG-00446. Why must the connection be to the root level, if this is a REPLICAT? I know that the replicat needs the connection to be at PDB level, not the CDB level... If I try to connect to a C##GG_ADMIN at the CDB level in the prm file of this replicat, it says that the replicat should be at the PDB level.. So there are 2 errors that exclude eachother..
If I am trying to connect to the root level database with C##GG_ADMIN (that has dbms_goldengate_auth.grant_admin_privilege on ORCLPDB_REP) then i am getting "OGG-02661 Replicat is not allowed to log on to the root level database."
I want to specify that the initial load is working perfectly, and i set it up as in the tutorial i was mentioning above.. I got the data from SQL Server imported, but when i tried to start the replicat process, i got the error.
I also want to specify that i have other process in GG that are working ok (oracle to oracle). I have an extract and replication from another pdb to this pdb (ORCLPDB_REP) and it is working ok, and that replicat that is working is basically configured identical to this replicat that it is not working..

What can it be?

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Added on Apr 19 2022
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