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GlassFish 4 and TLS / HTTPS performance degradation

user7001961Jan 28 2016

Hello everyone, I have a Debian virtual machine with a GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.1.1 (build 1) configured with a Listener on 8080 port (no TLS) and another Listener with TLS on 8181 port with a valid certificate. Inside GlassFish there's an application that answer to HTTP requests. If I do a POST from a client inside my network toward the 8080 port it takes an X time and with tcpdump I can see Y packets exchanged. On 8181 port (with TLS) time X and packet Y doubles. Java application does not change its behavour if working in HTTP or HTTPS. I don't have any web server in front of my GlassFish server, I can directly send my requests to it.

Please, could someone point me in the right direction in order to understand the doubling of the packets and the response time? Is there any configuration I have to do in GF to increase performance with TLS enabled?

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Added on Jan 28 2016