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GG REPLICAT ABEND WITH Unknown exception

User_NZUQAAug 8 2020 — edited Aug 11 2020

Hello all,

I keep getting this error notification which makes replicat not to apply captured data even when it show online but really it is not applying all data change to the target DB.



Severity: ERROR

Title: The handler method registered for 'POST /services/v2/replicats/REP_HCE/command' caused an exception: No error code - Unknown exception.""

I have raised SR several times on this and the best Oracle engineers could advice was for me to upgrade my GG to 19c which i did in DEV env and it not not resolve the error.

Please i need help if anyone has encountered this before.

I use OGG 12.3 Microservices on 12c DB.

Thank you

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Added on Aug 8 2020