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GG Microservice failing to connect with error OGG-12983

mayanssi-OracleApr 19 2022

I am trying to install GG Microservices on VM and getting below error , although i am able to login on GG GUI
OGG (not connected) 1> connect https://srv2.localdomain:9001 deployment amer as admin
Error: Network error - SSL connection unexpectedly closed
2022-04-19T10:47:15Z ERROR OGG-12982 Failed to establish secure communication with a remote peer. The TLS handshake processing and negotiation was unsuccessful.
2022-04-19T10:47:15Z ERROR OGG-12983 Invalid certificate details:
Client Leaf Local certificate unavailable for reporting.
Client Trustpoint Local certificate unavailable for reporting.Client Peer certificate unavailable for reporting.
2022-04-19T10:47:15Z ERROR OGG-12984 The remote peer submitted a certificate that failed validation.
2022-04-19T10:47:15Z ERROR OGG-12990 Unable to acquire the certificate-chain certificate from the remote peer. The remote peer's security context does not contain a certificate-chain certificate.
2022-04-19T10:47:15Z ERROR OGG-12979 A certificate or certificate-chain member may have expired or references an invalid issuer.
2022-04-19T10:47:15Z ERROR OGG-12900 NZ-Toolkit error 28791 - Failed to verify a certificate.

OGG (not connected) 2>

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Added on Apr 19 2022