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Getting XMLRecord value by position

3679117Mar 26 2018 — edited Apr 15 2018

Hello. I've got the following XML Record:

<row id="123456">



   <c2 m="2">AMOUNT1</c2>

   <c2 m="3">AMOUNT2</c2>

   <c2 m="4">AMOUNT3</c2>

   <c2 m="5">AMOUNT4</c2>

   <c3 m="6" />

   <c4 m="7" />


   <c5 m="2">2000000</c5>

   <c5 m="3">15000000</c5>

   <c5 m="4">2000000</c5>

   <c5 m="5">538773.07</c5>




I would like to know how is it possible for me to join the AMOUNTX to the respective value?

For e.g, AMOUNT1 should match to 2000000, AMOUNT2 should match to 15000000

I need to "play" with the value of m to actually do the mapping since not all XML Records have a fixed position for each AMOUNT.

Can anyone please help with doing such mapping?

This post has been answered by Paulzip on Mar 30 2018
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