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Getting started with OEM: Good source for product overview related to Oracle Linux management?

User_D3DKFDec 17 2022

I've been tasked with looking into and setting up OEM within my company to assist us primarily with monitoring and patching of our Oracle Linux 6,7 and 8 hosts.
I've been going through some of the oracle videos and documentation related to UEM but so far they've been pretty broad as OEM has a pretty wide scope of management.
I was hoping for help with a couple of things so that I can better understand it prior to installation.
Is there perhaps a good page or resource for information specifically related to host management using OEM?
How does the underlying patching mechanism work, is it similar to or even integrate the components from Oracle Linux Manager where it becomes the upstream patch repo for managed agent systems? Or do systems still use an internal mirror or oracle's public yum repo?

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Added on Dec 17 2022