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Getting while Installing?

655526Aug 7 2012 — edited Aug 19 2012
I already opened a thread regarding webcenter sites installation issues. I followed all the responses and got upto the point where the both CAS and CS has deployed successfully without any error.

But when i click 'Test' button in the installation action screen, it is giving HelloCS has failed, Ping DB has failed and DB Permissions has failed.

When i was going through the install_log.log i found the below entry

*[2012-08-07 11:30:41.568][CS][ERROR] com.fatwire.cs.core.http.HttpAccessException: peer not authenticated*
*[2012-08-07 11:30:41.568][CS.INSTALL][INFO] CSSetupEngine.postURL: PostURL failed for https://localhost:8080/cs/HelloCS*
*:: ERROR = No response was received from the server*
*[2012-08-07 11:31:02.087][CS][ERROR] com.fatwire.cs.core.http.HttpAccessException: peer not authenticated*
*[2012-08-07 11:31:02.087][CS.INSTALL][INFO] CSSetupEngine.postURL: PostURL failed for https://localhost:8080/cs/Install?test=test&ReInit=FALSE&CSInstallType=single&CSInstallAccountName=ContentServer&CSInstallAccountPassword=675286278df204915f228fd298c09388&CSInstallDirectory=C%3A%2FSripY%2Finstallables%2Ffatwire&CSInstallAppName=fwadmin&CSInstallAppPassword=29161a563a43f1bdc371934cb31cb40f3c291287c9e4e116*
*:: ERROR = No response was received from the server*

Let me know what could be the issue? I am using Windows XP, Tomcat 6.0.35 and HSQLDB 2.2.8

Should i do any additional set up in Tomcat to handle SSL handling?

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