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Getting error while trying to include local invoke in OIC3


for a customer I'm working on (manually) migration their integrations from OIC gen2 to new OIC gen3 instance.

For a reason we can't wait any longer until the automatic upgrade takes place. We currently still waiting for the Process part to be eligible for update but it last time I checked the due dates, it was postponed. So that's no option.

  • I have configured a new OIC gen3 instance.
  • Exported the integrations from OIC gen2.
  • Imported the integrations in OIC gen 3
  • Tested and everything was fine

So, without editing in the integration itself is was possible to call the child integration from the parent integration without issues.

So far so good!

Then I needed to change one of the local invokes.

  • Opened the integration for edit
  • Looked for the local invoke and opened the wizard. Chosen the integration (it was ACTIVE) I wanted to use for the child integration and clicked continue.. Error !

[ ]Integration is not available or in-active. [or] Unable to parse the resource,OICHost/ic/api/integration/v1/flows/rest/AST_DSP_AGA_AFH_FOUT_BAS/1.0/metadata/openapi. Verify that URL is reachable, can be parsed and credentials if required are accurate

Although this is the same integration that can be called in runtime I can't get it to work in design time.

It turned out that I have this issue with all integration that are using the local invoke. It doesn't matter if it was imported from OIC gen2 or a brand new integration build in OIC gen 3. The only thing that seems to work is to choose a scheduled integration (it does the submit now action).

Any thoughts on this issues? Does anyone experienced the same?

Many thanks,


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Added on Mar 28 2024