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Getting error "This gadget is currently not available"

ar918953suAug 3 2012
We are using the the user guide under Deploying a Single Gadget, page 58 to display a gadget into a page:

We've created a page template ("Element is used as Layout"), and a page using that template. We have created a RSS feed gadget. Now we are trying to display the gadget on the page. First we pasted the widget tag generated from Single Gadget Deployment AS IS into the template and preview the page. The default RSS feeds are coming fine.

Now in the widget tag in the template we changed the gadget id to that of the gadget that we created.
"gadget_id" : "1337123385404"

After this when we try to preview the page it shows "This gadget is currently not available".

Are we missing anything? Any help is highly appreciated.

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